Tuesday, October 8, 2013

12 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Animals you probably never want to meet!

Traveling? Stay away from these 12 dangerous animals! Esp #1 http://bit.ly/1bWAsZX           

Athletes and Their Gorgeous Wives

Leading sportsman and the beauties by their sides

#10 might be the most well known, but which athlete's wife is the hottest? http://bit.ly/1bSgzDn

Bad Celebrity Self-Tanning

Celebrity fake tan FAILS.

Check out Faux Tan Disasters! We think #5 is unbelievable! http://bit.ly/1bSnYT9            

Your Favorite Celebrity Rivalries

Check out these hottest celebrities who are notorious for their feuding.

 Wait, Kim K is STILL married to Kris Humphries?!?! http://bit.ly/1fdFTHR            

Celebrities behind Disney's animated characters

Famous people who voiced for Disney characters

Check out Famous Actors who played Disney Characters! We think #9 is outstanding! http://bit.ly/1fe2pQS

Fwd: The Biggest Celebrity Meltdowns

Stardom clearly took its toll on these twelve burned-out celebs! 

Everyone blows up occasionally- stars just have cameras pointed at them. #8 really shocks me.  http://bit.ly/1bU9Zw7           

The Best Of: Awkward Disney Moments

We all have our clumsy moments and that includes famous Walt Disney characters! 

Find out how awkward the world of Walt Disney can get with these "Awkward Moments" memes! http://bit.ly/1fggBIW           

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Radical Nick Toons GIFs!

These GIFs bring back the magic of 90s Nickelodeon cartoons. Peep Rocko, Arnold, and the rest of em! http://bit.ly/1eXtrvF

amazing GIFs of the best Nick characters. 


15 Best Nerd Gadgets

Your nerdy friends may have different tastes but these gifts are sure to excite their comic-book loving hearts. 

These 15 gadgets are super nerdy but super cool! #3 is the coolest http://bit.ly/1eYjkXk

Hilarious But True Venn Diagrams

15 Clever Venn Diagrams you'll want to share, how about #4?  http://bit.ly/1eZkke0

Venn Diagrams are usually used to be incredibly informative but that doesn't apply to these 15! 


Craziest Prison Pictures from Asia

Think US prisons are tough? Check out pics from Asian prisons! http://bit.ly/1eYlRRw